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Skick on lähiliikkumisen mullistava ympärivuotinen sähköpotkukelkka yksityis- ja yrityskäyttöön.

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"Ajossa kelkka yllättää ketteryydellään ja vaivattomuudellaan."

More than fun

Introducing Skick, the groundbreaking patented electric snowmobile for local transportation, designed for both private and professional use. Experience a new level of joy in daily transportation with Skick.

Safer ride

Skick sähköpotkukelkka asfaltilla vauhdissa
Self-balancing structure with a large front off-road tire.
  • Easy to control while riding in a standing position
  • Sturdy body
  • Resistant to tipping over
  • All essential safety features included as standard: disc brakes, electric ignition lock, bell, parking brake, excellent front and rear lights, as well as a reflector


Skick on ympärivuotinen kevyt sähkökulkuneuvo
Whether it’s winter, summer, autumn, or spring – Skick is always in its element
  • Summer forest trails, wet asphalt, or snowy roads – Skick takes you there
  • Ground clearance can be adjusted without the need for tools
  • On snowy bike paths, you can lift the rear wheels and glide on integrated skis
  • Designed to withstand even freezing weather conditions


Take your cargo wherever you want in professional and private use with Skick’s versatile payload capacity.
  • Versatile loading capacity, capable of carrying up to 150 kg (330 lb)
  • The front rack enables versatile cargo attachment
  • RAM mounting points on the handlebars for additional accessories
  • Available with ready-made and customizable accessories, or create your own

Designed for everyday use

Skick is designed to meet your everyday transportation needs in your local area, on all road surfaces – throughout the year. Skick also accompanies you on longer trips as it can be folded and easily fits in the trunk of most family cars with the rear seat folded.

We are proud to announce that Skick is designed, developed and manufactured in Finland.

Stick on suunniteltu ja valmistettu Suomessa

Eye-catching Design

The design of Skick was crafted with both practicality and a quintessential Finnish aesthetic in mind. The goal was to create an iconic product that can be passed down from generation to generation and is proudly used by professionals, amateurs, young and old alike. Design is not just about a product’s appearance, but also its function and performance.

Ajoneuvosuunnittelija Pasi Paananen

We designed an iconic long-lasting product with just the right amount of rebellious spirit

Pasi Paananen
Vehicle Designed

What is Skick?

The name Skick comes from the words ‘SKI’ and ‘KICK’, which connote the smooth, gliding movement of skiing on snow. Additionally, even though Skick is powered by electricity, it can also be propelled by kicking with your own muscle power.

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