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Skick on lähiliikkumisen mullistava ympärivuotinen sähköpotkukelkka yksityis- ja yrityskäyttöön.

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Revolutionize Your Transportation with All-Season Electric Utility Scooter

Introducing Skick, the revolutionary all-season electric scooter designed for both personal and commercial use. With its patented technology, Skick offers a self-balancing feature that makes it safer, more manageable, and more stable to ride than traditional electric scooters. Its optional carrying modules also make it an ideal option for enterprise use. Experience a new level of joy in daily transportation with Skick.

Experience unparalleled speed and power with Skick’s top speed of 25 km/h and its powerful 1000W motor. With these features, the vehicle is able to be used in many countries without the need for registration, insurance, or a driver’s license. The vehicle’s short turning radius and convenient reverse gear make navigating urban environments a breeze. Discover more of its features by reading more. Discover more of it’s features.

Designed for everyday use

The versatile design of Skick caters to all your daily transportation needs, no matter the road surface – from pavement to gravel and even snowy roads. The multi-purpose front module tray can be customized with various options, such as a carrier for your golf bag or a thermobox for food deliveries. Its compact size and versatility make it the perfect personal transportation solution for golfers or for rental cabins near ski slopes. And for those looking to explore beyond their local area, Skick can easily fit in the trunk of a standard-sized family car when the backseats are folded.

We are proud to announce that Skick is designed, developed and manufactured in Finland.

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Eye-catching Design

The design of Skick was crafted with both practicality and a quintessential Finnish aesthetic in mind. The goal was to create an iconic product that can be passed down from generation to generation and is proudly used by professionals, amateurs, young and old alike. Design is not just about a product’s appearance, but also its function and performance.

Ajoneuvosuunnittelija Pasi Paananen

We designed an iconic long-lasting product with just the right amount of rebellious spirit

Pasi Paananen
Vehicle Designed


Skick is the ultimate personal ev for every road surface.

What is Skick?

The name Skick comes from the words ‘SKI’ and ‘KICK’, which connote the smooth, gliding movement of skiing on snow. Additionally, even though Skick is powered by electricity, it can also be propelled by kicking with your own muscle power.

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