Electric Utility Scooter for All Year Round usage

Skick is a patented all year round electric utility scooter for private and enterprise use that revolutionizes near area transportation. Skick is self balanced, making it safer, easier and more stable to drive than common electric scooters. This, together with optional carrying modules, makes Skick an exceptionally good choice for commercial use too. With Skick, everyday transportation becomes fun!

Top speed of 25 km/h and 1000W motor ensures that vehicle can be used in many countries without registration, insurance or driving license. The short turning radius and reverse gear makes urban driving easy. Read more about the features.

Designed for everyday use

Skick has been designed to answer every day transportation needs within your local area in all road surfaces: pavement, gravel or even good condition snowy roads. It’s multi purpose front module tray can be equipped with several options like golf bag carrier or thermobox for food deliveries. Skick is a perfect personal transportation solution also for golf or all the rental cabins near the skiing slopes. It is also possible to take your Skick further, because Skick can fit in a trunk of a normal sized family car when backseats are folded. We are proud to announce that Skick is designed, developed and manufactured in Finland.

Design that captivates the eyes

Skick’s design and visual expression have sought practicality and the humble Finnishness. The goal has been to create an iconic product that lasts from father to son and is proudly driven by professionals, amateurs, boys, girls, fathers, mothers, and active seniors. Design is not just what a product looks like, but how it works.

“We tried to create an iconic long lasting product that has just the right amount of rebel spirit in it”

Pasi Paananen
Vehicle Designer


Skick is the ultimate personal ev for every road surface.

Skick in media

Skick & Arctic Rides in Finnish National Broadcasting company YLE Northern Finland TV NEWS on 21.6.2021

See the shorter story.

Skick & Arctic Rides in Finnish National Broadcasting company YLE Northern Finland TV NEWS on 21.6.2021

Skick Story

On spring 2020 Markku Laatikainen ordered himself a long desired fat tired electric scoot. By the time scoot arrived there was still some ice on the roads and during the first test drive Laatikainen felt over on the slippery surface. This disappointment was troubling him for a couple of months until he realized that two-wheeled scoot isn’t suitable for many of the road surfaces out there and there is a need for a different kind of vehicle design. During morning coffee he draw the first sketch of a vehicle which is now known as Skick.

After first drawings there was some designing with his sons lego-bricks and after that it was time for his still-new fat tired electric scoot to donate some parts for the real Skick prototype. Prototype build was done by Antti Karjalahti whom Laatikainen found from Facebook group of inventions. Men soon also established Arctic Rides Ltd and applied first patents & utility models while building the first real prototype.

First prototype proved to be excellent ride on snowy surfaces and men decided to move further and search for a suitable vehicle designer. Soon Pasi Paananen joined the team and prototype 2 was on its way. Prototype 2 was used to prepare this new vehicle type for mass production, convince first investors and to show the possibilities in summer usage.

Skick was announced on november 2021 after quick and determined phase of development. Several innovations was patented during the process and Skick was registered as a trademark. Since then many professionals has joined Arctic Rides team enabling the revolution of near transportation with Skick.

Skick comes from the words SKI and KICK. These words reflect the fact that the Skick glides on skis in the winter. Although Skick runs on electricity, it can be assisted with muscle power by kicking foot with momentum.